Bubbles under the carpets or loose rugs in your home or walkway. No need to replace your carpet you spent so much care in choosing, have your wrinkled and worn areas in your favorite carpet stretched and smoothed out  looking new again.

Perhaps a stain that will not come out, we can cut out and patch in a carpet piece from your existing carpet blended in so well you wouldn't know it was there.

Carpet Stretching and repair All Pro Car

Worn Stretched Carpet

No Need to Replace Your Carpet

Carpet Stretching and repair results All

Carpet Stretched to Remove Wrinkles
Saves Money and Hassle

Over time, your carpets can become dull, worn, loose and start to bubble in the middle. If this is happening to the carpets in your home, get help from All Pro Carpet Care, Inc. located in Houston, Texas. We rely on decades of experience to eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles so you can enjoy gorgeous-looking carpets.

We use a power stretcher to bring your carpets back to their original neat and tidy appearance. Whether there is a giant bubble in your living room or wrinkles under your bed, you’ll get the help you’ve been looking for from All Pro Carpet Care, Inc.


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